Vessel as Metaphor

As an artist working in metal the main area of my work is exploring the form of small raised vessels often with gold leaf interiors. Each vessel serves as a metaphor for the body and spirit, a visual manifestation of internal and external life forces, addressing the tensions that define us as imperfect beings. During the process of hammering, fine cracks often develop or are intentionally cut into the rim; these are filled with silver solder and worked further. I choose to emphasize the marks, not cover them – for they reference our experiences – fissures within the natural landscape – or perhaps cracks in our personal armor.

The main impetus in my practice is exploring new techniques and new materials – yet I am employed in an ancient craft utilizing age old resources – copper, silver, gold – materials extracted from the earth. For many years I worked as a geologist in the oil and gas industry, this training underpins my experience of the world and the creation of my art. Just as the land shows evidence of change and our bodies reflect our lived experiences, evidence of process is integral to the work. The hammer marks provide not only an interesting texture but also indications of the history of vessel making and the experience of making this particular vessel. My art practice embraces the creation of objects that are beautiful and intriguing and which draw the viewer into the vessel. The vessels embody an experience of reality that is both familiar and foreign – they are indeed metaphors for existence.